Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fingers Crossed for Aus Post!

Hello I am back with some new drawings - I have been drawing quite a lot but I held back pn blogging/scanning so I could concentrate on my submissions for the exhibition. Today I sent off all four original drawings based around the Frog Prince fairytale - sorry no sneak peeks! I am itching to show you what they look like but I feel that the scanned images do not do them justice so I am going to leave the grand unveiling to opening night of Once Upon. If you can't make it to the exhibition because you don't live in Sydney or Australia then I will post the scans after the exhibition.

The above drawing is something I did the other day - I put it in the scanner a bit skewed but I decided I liked the messy/burry final scan. There's a bit of glitter to make it look shiny. Hope you like it. Glitter is really messy...I think I got more stuck to my fingers.

The drawing below is a logo for a guitar & bass repair business called The Dog House - it's something I knocked up in less than an hour tonight so I am quite happy with the results. So the next few weeks I will be scanning the drawings I have accummulated over the past weeks, making some finishing touches and blogging on a regular basis.


Louise said...

hee hee yes glitter is an uncontrollable craft renegade - it goes where it likes! Love this drawing

Ben Zen said...

Wow Chrissy, love the line work, and I'm seeing some growth in your style!
Thanks for your comment, as for my Nan, I'm not sure I've ever actually shown her my drawings! See you next week!

Jasmine Laini Meaden said...

Wow thats talent if I ever saw it. Good luck with your exhibition x

Emily Cato said...

You are amazing, just simply amazing!

art4friends said...

@deciphertheday - thank you lovely!! and yes, I agree with your answer. I would LOVE to be in an art collective in a studio (warehouse style) making art all day and listing to music. wouldn't that be amazing!!