Friday, November 13, 2009

Parisian Chic

Here is a Parisian artist painting the famous Eiffel Tower - she's enjoying the outdoors with her two little dogs & some jasmine-rose tea.

6 more days to the grand opening of the Once-Upon Exhibition - if you don't have a clue what this is, click the link and be amazed. It is a magnificent line up of emerging and established artists who will blow your mind. It's good news too that my submissions for the exhibition arrived safely- cheers Aus Post!

In other news I really do have to start paying my damn student loan off....bugger! So I should start selling some art to raise funds....Darren & I are also starting to look for a nice 3 bedroom house around Sydney with a nice back yard so I can have a veggie plot, water tank and an art studio. Maybe I should start playing the lotto....Oh the joys of being an adult....argh


tortagialla said...

Thanks for sharing about the exhibition, I really enjoyed checking out all the great artists. Love your parisian chick as well...great illustration!

Victoria Stitch said...

haha I love her moustache!

deciphertheday said...

Tortagialla - Oh I'm glad you enjoyed browsing the artists- there are so many great ones participating!Check back in about a week or so and I will post some photos.

Victoria Stitch- Yeah it's a nice little touch the 'tash. hehe

Thanks for dropping by both of you - always a pleasure :-)