Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Picturing the Weekend

Hello! Here's a montage of photographs taken from the last week. We went on a walk last weekend in a nice leafy park, had breakfast in Newtown, visited Luna Park and drank lots of T2 Earl Grey - gifted to me from my lovely friend Esther. The penultimate photo is a nice little rear view mirror I have stuck to my monitor at work, so I can see anyone lurking behind me! :-)


misstie said...

I love the rear-view mirror idea!!!!! If only I had it 5 years ago when my mum would sneak up behind me on the computer and ask who I was chatting to etc... GENIUS!!!

Xay B. said...

I like the look your setting up with the collage. :)

Chrissy Lau - Decipher the day said...

@Misstie - yes they're very nifty so you don't jump out of your skin when someone creeps up behind you ;-)

Thanks Xay B. - I don't normally post photos on my blog so I like to make it look a little more interesting when I do :-)