Thursday, May 5, 2011

Totes Rad


Hello! How are we all? Seeing as it is Fashion Week here in Sydney I thought I would channel some kind of fashion blog post...ha. You can probably tell I'm no model by the height & lack of poses and shooting outside when the sun has gone but I wanted to show you all a lovely tote bag gifted to me from Gary Pepper Vintage. It was a school day today (marketing class) so instead of my usual streamlined purse for work, I opted for the tote to take my books/folder/pens. It's a super sturdy bag with the beautiful bird on a cherry blossom motif on the front :-) plus it's only $4.95 so grab yours now!

On the subject of modelling, we had our professional head shots taken at work on Monday which was quite amusing trying to look professional whilst perching on a stool, tilting my head to one side and pointing my shoulders in another wonder Linda Evangelista said she wouldn't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day!


As you may know I'm originally from England and one of things I miss most about home is TOPSHOP, so this is my recent haul of Topshop goodness - a nice warm knitted mustard cardigan and burgundy accordian skirt which I'm wearing in the photos. I also bought some cute cream booties that have a weaved leather detailing and a nice burnt orange dress - the dress is rather see through so I have to wear a vest and underskirt underneath, but seeing as it is quite chilly in Sydney that's not a problem.

Well there you go, I hope you enjoyed my very first fashion related post :-)


I V Y said...

i like i like i like!

i love it.


--Sanam-- said...

That pleated maxi skirt is fab :) & I love your GPV tote :)

Day By Diva
Day By Diva

ecid nac* said...

like the pleated maxi skirt and the outfit!
such good colour match!