Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Something to write home about

PhotobucketHello! How are you all? Did you all have a great weekend? This week is already going so quickly, in fact I can't believe I've been married for 1 year - it was our anniversary on Sunday so we decided to treat ourselves to the delicious Vietnamese tasting menu at Luke Nguyen's Red Lantern. I've been a big fan of Luke Nguyen since his first series on SBS where he tours Vietnam cooking in front of beautiful landscapes. In fact our whole weekend was filled with food as we went for High Tea at the MoS cafe. Darren even missed his usual weekend of watching his beloved Hawthorn (AFL team) to celebrate our anniversary...

Last Thursday we also went to the Opera House to watch the Sydney Symphony Orchestra - if you haven't experienced this it's definitely something you should do even if you insist that you don't like classical music. It's really relaxing and it's such an enchanting venue. The Opera House is one of those amazing landmarks that I never get bored of, I see it everyday as I make my commute to work over the Harbour Bridge.

Well I suppose that's all I have been doing recently, eating, working & dodging the monsoon season here in Sydney :-) Tomorrow & Thursday will be my last two classes and I'll have a Diploma in Marketing! What have you all been up to?



Blackswan said...

oh I've always wanted to go to Red Lantern! Tell me, is it amazing, mind blowing??! your visit to the opera sounds so magical and I bet it was too!

thanks for sharing :)

x Lauren

Chrissy Lau - Decipher the day said...

Hi Lauren,
Red Lantern was an awesome experience, it tasted quite chinese to me - I was expecting it to be more thai infused as I had been watching him on the telly & imagined it to be quite herby. It was delicious and reminded me of my dad's cooking (he used to be a chef). We had the tasting menu so we tried quite a lot - amongst my faves were tiger prawn rolls, salmon salad with crispy skin & a delicious chilli/sweet sauce,braised duck with chinese mushrooms and I also had dessert - a delicious coconut creme caramel :-) It's definitely worth going for a special occasion! x

Blackswan said...

Hi Chrissy,

Thank you for your reply! I too originally thought Red Lantern would be more influenced by Vietnamese cuisine and Thai dishes! The coconut creme caramel sounds amazing! YUM!

Thanks again for the review and stopping by ;)

x Lauren

misstie said...

Congrats on the wedding anniversary Chrissy!!

The Opera house looks amazing!! Ive never actually been inside there but I bet it is such an amazing place!

I look forward to reading more about what you get up to :D


Margaret said...

you're amaaaaazing. also MoS is awesome.
and SSO is outstanding :)
needless to say I appreciated this blog post :) x

Chrissy Lau - Decipher the day said...

@Misstie- Thanks! you should definitely have a look around the opera house - it's so beautiful inside, they often have free open days tours where you can wander around. It's such a magical place :-)

@Margaret - hello! Yes I was blown away by SSO...I really want to go watch the ballet now x

Danielle | Things She Made said...

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