Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fishing for compliments

I've been living in Australia for over two and a half years I decided to go to the RTA and get my English drivers licence changed over to a NSW one. I am now a proud owner of a NSW drivers licence. Joyus. I don't drive much as I tend to fear for my life because people in Sydney drive like absolute blind nutters and I would like to live to the ripe old age of 100. Did anyone read about that guy who was driving a Ford Explorer and it got stuck on cruise control at 100 km/hr? How bloody scary is that...

Above is a new drawing called fishing for compliments. A gigantic lady dipping her rod into a very small pond.

Oh one more IMPORTANT thing...have a read of this unbelievably cheeky act of plagiarism by Alannah Hill of logo work that Tabitha Emma designed for our Once Upon exhibition. I'm just astonished that a high street shop thought they could steal her work and go unnoticed. I am positive that the matter will be resolved because there is no way they can excuse themselves for such blatant copying. Shame on you AH! If you are interested there is a whole website dedicated to uncovering such acts of plagiarism.

Here's a bit of the Arctic Monkeys with their strong northern accents....


art4friends said...

that story is FREAKY about the car. I must tell my boyfriend who uses cruise control a lot on the hwy.

LOVE the new drawing, gorgeous.

Also, thanks for the support re the incident. Gosh. Means a lot to have our little team behind us!


camille said...

Chrissy that's weird, I just got my learners today. Haha. AND YES, that car story was scary, but that's Australia for you!

I love that picture. Makes me smile. I also kinda like fishing.

Ben Zen said...

Love the new drawing Chrissy, and congrats on your drivers license!

Sorry I haven't sent your drawing yet... it's been a hard few weeks to get any drawing done, but it will be on it's way, promise!

Have a great Christmas if I don't speak to you before :)

art4friends said...

oh the sticker idea sounds fantastic!!! hahaha

glad you like the list, gosh it only touches on some of the ol' blogs. so many more to feature *cough yours" umong others!!


Aima Kessy said...

Hi Chrissy! Love your new piece.. :))
Ooh that car story is indeed freaky... :S And that logo plagiarism is just downright terrible! Seriously some people... =/
Have a lovely weekend dear~!

art4friends said...

haha thanks for your lovely comment regarding my tutorial. I hope you have some fun making! and the feedback means a lot. I never have done a tutorial before!

let me know how it goes ;)

The AH thing is just too crazy for words. gosh. at least it is a lesson for us artists to be very careful. always.

merry christmas to you!! hope you have a nice break! :) xoxo