Monday, December 21, 2009

Getting a Tan & doing a Renee Anne!

So I've got a Tan... a Dawn Tan that is which arrived today in my letter box . Look at this beeyoutiful drawing/painting from her - it's gorgeously delicate and full of love! I absolutely adore it :-) Thank you Dawn. I'm going to buy a special frame for it....(click on the picture or the link for a much better photo :-) )

Also please check out Renee Anne's first (& hopefully the beginning of many) craft tutorial on how to make Christmas trees from magazines. The minute I saw it I had to dig through my magazine pile to make one - it was so easy following all of her photographs and the instructions. Below is my Christmas tree made from shoe magazines...first attempt, not bad eh?

Remember the Once Upon & Tabitha Emma vs Alannah Hill saga I mentioned in my last post- well good news, the matter has now been resolved and AH have made a much deserved apology to the parties concerned and taken down all of their window decals. Nice One.

Here's one of my recent drawings- it's called Phantom Baby!'s for an online magazine...more details to follow. Well Merry Christmas everyone - just in case I don't blog again for a bit, I probably will do though. It's been a great 2009 art wise and thanks to all that follow and comment on my blog, it is much appreciated :-)

One more thing... I want a ukulele so I can sound like this....


camille said...

Oooh, pretty picture- especially loving how the baby has laser eyes. haha.

Did you know, I made about 4 of those trees in reception. Haha.

Dawn Tan said...

Hehehehe : ) Thanks for liking it! : ) I've yet to take a decent photo of your beautiful work myself! Haha.. But thanks! Darren loves it too. We've decided to buy a nice frame and hang it in our home.

Merrrrrrrry happy Christmas Chrissy! : ) Have a good time rockin around your christmas tree! xxx

art4friends said...

I love dawns drawing!~!!! so cute!!

and thank you for the linkage! so sweet of you ;)

I think your effort looks pretty damn excellent! ;)

Renee x