Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Down, One Tomorrow, Maybe More to Come

Today I sent many drawings and Christmas cards off to far away places, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and also just down the road. I hope everyone loves what they receive.
Above is a drawing I finished recently - it's on beautiful thick artist paper decorated with sumptuous gold liquid pen- that's my current obsession.

Oh if you are in need of ideas for stocking fillers get the Forth Thread zine - it's A5 with 48 pages filled with art and interviews. There is a limited edition of 1000 - all individually numbered and signed. You can also see one of my drawings in there.

Amongst job hunting I have put up our mini Christmas trees! Yey, one sits above the tv cabinet in the lounge and is made of metal and glass. The other is a small dwarf plastic tree that sits in a hessian pot with tinsel and mini fake presents stuck to it that sits in our bedroom.

Right I better go swot up on facts, figures and reasons to employ me.

ps. an old fave tune by SoKo....


Ben Zen said...

Love the new pic Chrissy! Good luck with the interviews :)

Madelynn Holmes said...

i love soko! and i love your drawing!

:) :)

deciphertheday said...

Oh glad you both like the drawing! It's been a treat to draw after filling in job applications.

Thanks benzen I'll try my best :-)

Maddy - Soko has a great accent doesn't she?I'm trying to learn one of her songs on the guitar

Dawn Tan said...

Hehehe! Yay! I got the above drawing in my mailbox yesterday night! It was so so sweet! : ) Thank You Chrissy! You made my day/night! : ) Going to frame it up nicely and place it in my home in Melbourne!