Sunday, October 9, 2011

TASCHEN Illustration Now! Vol.4

Hello! Well here I am featured in TASCHEN Illustration Now! Vol. 4 - featuring "150 of the World's Most Exciting Illustrators". It's definitely exciting and an honour to be featured in a renowned & well respected publication.
Above is the Gary Pepper Girl in her Jeffrey Campbell shoes and also the educated lady illustrated for Pocketto Magazine. Below is the Bird Cage Lady illustrated for ZEST bar in the UK.
Aussie artist Kelly Smith is also featured in the book, which makes it extra special because she's one of my favourite artists. Look how amazing her illustration skills are. She was also kind enough to send me a peek of my page as she received the book before me - so thank you Kelly! (talented & kind!)
Nicoletta Ceccoli
Nicole Jarecz
Aussie fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess and Kareena Zerefos are also featured in this book. There's so much inspiration - I've bookmarked lots of pages to find out more about these talented artists. 

In other news, I've hit 408 Likes on my Chrissy Lau Art Facebook Page so thank you for joining me! I tend to show regular sneak peeks on there so definitely join me there if you'd like to see more regular updates. 
Chrissy x


Kelly said...

Aw you're too sweet Chrissy! And very welcome.
I know I can't contain my excitement when I know something like that is on it's way/waiting for me at home :)

Wida said...

Wow, this is completely inspiring!

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Sydney said...

all of you are incredibly talented! wish i could be like you! xx

Pippa said...

Totally inspiring! You and kelly make me want to be amazing! Well done Chrissy:)


sweet art!love it)

l i s a z h a n g said...

WOW congratulations!
some awesome illustrations in there! your ones are amazing!

thanks for the reply comment chrissy!
hahaha skype has def been a saviour for this long.
having travelling withdrawals at the moment!


the habitpattern said...

Congratulations! Beautiful collection of work!

Neysa Bové said...

WOW congrats!!! <3 xxo -nb

Anonymous said...

ohh congrats, you are really amazing. seriously lol :)

Chrissy Lau - Decipher the day said...

@thehabitpattern - thank you so much, I've been admiring all your lovely photos!

@Neysa - thank you! You're pretty awesome yourself with your illustration skills!

@Nindya Ah thanks! Too sweet :-)

Flara said...

I know your drawings from this book. you have very recognizable style thanks to the original method of drawing hair and patterns. Your work is simply stunning! very inspiring art:) x

Jackie Steen said...

Amazing work!