Saturday, November 27, 2010

Heart Cleo

Hello everyone! It's so sunny and hot today in Sydney, which is a contrast to England where friends & family are freezing, it even snowed a few days ago. How amazing! I love the snow. I remember when I was little it used to snow every December then as we got older the snow never came at Christmas but in February or even as late as April. Either way, I used to jump for joy when the snow flakes fell.

So here are some pictures of my illustrations featured in Cleo Magazine. I'm very happy with how big the illustrations are in the mag. By coincidence Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage (of whom I am the illustrator for) is also featured in the magazine. We also met up last weekend to shoot some things for her new launch of her website/branding - I can't wait to see everything come together. Here's a little photo of us below (courtesy of GPV) - do you like my radioactive hair? haha

Whilst on the central coast we also went on a little fishing trip on my in-laws new boat. When I'm grown up and rich I'm going to buy a boat too. We had so much fun and fished until the sun set. We caught three flat heads and then had them for lunch the next day. So delicious! This one was too small so we threw him back...

This week has been so busy - on Wednesday I had fun at the Mambo Christmas party and below is a canvas they had for people to draw on so I drew a little heart head - she looks good with a dog's body haha.
This weekend I'm going to be finishing off a few commissions and test drive a car....second hand cars seem so expensive these days so we decided we might invest in a new one with 5 years free warranty. So the wallet maybe slightly lighter by the end of the weekend! Have an awesome weekend :-)

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LittleInkTree said...

Wh wow! How clear is the coverage :):) ~ Congratulations on the feature~

They selected beautiful artworks~~