Saturday, November 13, 2010

♥ Smiggle

This is a double whammy of a post with an exclusive collaboration with Smiggle and also a first time peek into my art studio!
As mentioned previously I was kindly given a $100 gift card from a very popular Aussie stationery company - Smiggle! For those not in Australia, Smiggle is a fun, vibrant and playful stationery company that is a favourite amongst young kids and adults.

So armed and at the ready I popped down to my local Smiggle in Eastgardens, Westfields and with the help of Jess (lovely Smiggle assistant) I chose some beautiful Smiggle products for my art studio. The first thing that caught my eye were some cute cardboard animal calendars that you pop out and slot together so they stand up neatly. Here's January piggy below.
I get a lot of emails asking me what I draw with and I always use fountain pens. I don't see many people using them these days but luckily Smiggle have a variety of them. My mini collection of Smiggle fountain pens are awesome because they're tiny and I can always carry them around in my bag in case I feel like doodling.

Next on my list were some silver Smiggle pen tins. These are a life saver as I have boxes of pens, pencils, crayons and felt tips lying around and it drives me mad having to dig through to find the right colour. Now it's all neatly organised so I'm very happy.
Darren and I are saving up to buy a house so I decided to pick up this cute little dog as he is a money box! He also comes in shiny pink and purple. There were also some bandaged mummy money boxes that were shiny green so I think Darren will be getting one for Christmas!
I'm an avid reader with stacks of Frankie/Yen magazines plus the ones I get free from work so as soon as I spied these elephant and giraffe bookends I had to have them. They're made from solid metal and are very sturdy. They're currently holding together my stack of mags, creative textbooks and portfolio folders.
This year has gone so quickly so being in my organised mood I picked up a 2011 daily diary (pictured below). It's nice and thick with enough space to scribble down ideas and make little doodles. I also picked up a caramel coloured A4 sketch book - it has a really nice soft leathery feel to the cover and also a ribbon so I can bookmark my pages. There are plenty of pages so hopefully I can fill it up and show you some drawings in the near future.

With the spare change I had left over I decided to buy two cute little erasers. If only Smiggle was around when I was a kid! I was an avid collector of erasers and pencils. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Thank you to Smiggle for letting me fill my art studio with beautiful things! Early next year there will be another exciting collaboration so be sure to stay tuned.

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Margaret said...

YAAAAy smiggle!!! and I'm so excited for you, girly :D