Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eyes are burning!

Eyes are burning (above) is an illustration which was part of the This Little Piggy exhibition. In the next few days I will be posting images from the exhibition, if you would like to buy any of the pieces just drop us a note and I will see what I can do! They will be available to buy online shortly as Rebecca Murphy (organiser) is currently uploading the shop.

Above: Holding On

I'm just getting back into the swing of drawing again after starting the new job. It's pretty sweet working for a big successful company, they have a super coffee machine, endless variety of Twining Teas, the occasional free lunch and a day trip to Melbourne soon to meet my fellow team far so good.

It's Friday tomorrow- yey! I think I might get a haircut on the weekend, I need to buy a good strapless bra for my wedding dress - I hate bra shopping! and we will also be meeting the celebrant for our wedding to discuss vows etc.....I was thinking about writing my own but what do I write?!


Madelynn Holmes said...

oh these new illustrations are just lovely. i am trying to get back into drawing aswell, i've been so slack!
xx maddy

Ben Zen said...

Love your new drawings, as always Chrissy! Sounds like your job is going well for you, especially if they are sending you to Melbourne!! I think you mentioned a while ago that you hadn't been here before... you will love it! Hopefully you'll get some spare time and we can fit a coffee in somewhere :) Ben

Nicole said...

oh, please don't even get me started on the bra shopping, i can't remember the last time i had to go shopping for one!

so happy to hear your new job i going well, and unlimited twinings tea? that's just sealed the deal for me, i like them already :)

camille said...

I'm happy that your life is happy. I'm even happier to hear new drawings will be pumping my way:)