Monday, April 4, 2011

Jobs a Good 'Un


Did you all have a nice weekend? It was a late start for me today since my iphone alarm decided not to go off at the right time due to the change in daylight savings here in Sydney. I've updated the OS so tomorrow I will be awake on time. I do have to admit I did quite enjoy my little sleep in.

I thought this illustration (for Gary Pepper Vintage) would nicely depict last week having spent some time with my head in books. I passed my two Google exams which means I am now a qualified Google Adwords professional which is an industry recognised qualification and proves I know what I'm doing in my job - always a plus ey? I also read The Happiest Refugee by Aussie comedian Anh Do - it will make you cry with laughter and tears as he relives his life story from escaping war-torn Vietnam on a little boat, arriving in Australia, coping with his father walking out of his childhood and eventually turning down a career in law to make it as a successful comedian. It really resonated with me that he completed an art course at TAFE whilst studying law at uni. During my years studying law there was so much reading and writing that it seemed to drive my creativity even more. I've always been drawing ever since I was little but it was at uni where I decided I would make illustrating a career too.

It's a must read story that will inspire and entrust that you will achieve your dreams through hard work and determination.


esther lily said...

LOVE this drawing! And congrats on the Google tests lady...taking you up on the test prep help whenever I get around to taking it <3

Chrissy Lau - Decipher the day said...

Thanks Esther! Will definitely help you prep :-)x