Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Golden Winged Lady


Hello! Thought I'd share this golden lady bird with you today - I found her whilst sorting out my illustrations into presentation folders. She's probably about a year old and never seen the light of day. Seeing as I draw/sketch/doodle every single day you can just imagine how many pieces of art are lying around or stuck on notice boards or walls of my lounge, studio and bedroom. I'm not really one for drawing in sketch books - I'm not sure why I just think a nice pretty sketchbook like those moleskins are just too pretty to draw in and always feel too pressured into not wasting the paper by drawing something that's not that great. I work best with loose sheets of A5 or A4 paper resting on a closed sketcbook atop my lap in front of the telly :-) But maybe if I assign a topic/theme to each sketchbook I'll be able to fill a whole moleskin. It's rather funny as most people use sketchbooks as a starting point but I seem to see it as the finished product. Who knows maybe by the end of 2011 I'll be able to show you a themed-filled moleskin.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. It's scorching in Sydney and we had a delicious Mexican Lunch in the city then we decided to head home for a relaxing day where I'm going to continue working on some illustrations for magazines and also for my portfolio. Chat soon! x

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Peter Fong said...

I'm different I only sketch in my moleskine because I know I'll lose or forget about my drawings if they're in loose sheets lying around. Moleskine organises me :)