Sunday, February 13, 2011

Inspired by Bubbles


I hope you are all having a nice weekend. The weather has cooled in Sydney and it feels more like winter now, a nice break from the scorching weather we have had. So what have I been upto? Well Friday I attended Cinema Alley's outdoor cinema showcasing a collection of video art by chinese artists. Some were really good and some not so good, so bad that some people left, which is sad because the event was free and fully booked out, so I stayed for the whole evening to show my appreciation.

I think it was the 30 minute video of a chinese factory that drove people mad. At one point, an old lady was trying to thread a piece of cotton into the small eye of a needle....I think this part of the video went on for about 10 minutes and finally she threaded it through. Everyone watching cheered, whooped and clapped haha. I guess the joke was on us having to experience the arduous, repetitive, mind numbing job of a factory worker. I did once work 12 hour shifts in a pea factory during my summer holidays so I can relate to this mind numbing work.

Saturday: I drew some pink faces and robots that I will show you soon. Darren and I headed to Bondi to spend our Spreets voucher, we paid $20 for a voucher that entitled us to $40 worth of sushi. Guess what, the deal was too good to be true because the sushi was terrible, we had one sushi dish from the sushi train, which were four little stale bits and 2 miso soups - to the value of $10. We waited 25 minutes for our bento box to be told "sorry we have no rice left" even though we were the only people in the place. In the end we fled in tears...not really but we did leave and had a happy meal to cheer ourselves up. haha.

Today we had some delicious, fresh Mexican burritos and salads from a place on Oxford Street. Thinking about it now, I would like to eat some more. We then ventured to the Art Gallery of NSW, where they are currently exhibiting Art Express - a collection of art created by HSC students. Some very impressive work, especially a metal/copper sculpture of a preying mantis and also a concertina story book illustrated in pen & ink about a girl battling anorexia. I highly recommend visiting this exhibition.

So here I am back home with a cup of tea, finishing off some illustrations. The top illustration is inspired by StyleBubble - I like her blog because it's English. I don't follow many English blogs because I started blogging when I got to Australia. So if anyone knows any interesting English blogs (art/fashion etc) please let me know. It's nice to read about home.

p.s. my website is broke at the moment, it should be fixed within the next 24 hours. I made a change to the cname and shouldn't have! oops, but now I have undone the mistake but it takes 24-48 hours for the fix to propagate.

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this girl is so cute. I love her hair :D