Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pom Pom

I thoroughly enjoyed the long Easter weekend - I did these drawings for GPV and also made lots of pom poms for my wedding. I'm really addicted to watching real life crime documentaries at the moment so that's always on in the background as I draw or make things. I've always had a really strong interest in crime and why people commit crime. If you want to risk the same sort of addiction click here - they are streamed from America, I'm really surprised they stream to AUS as normally they don't allow it. If only I could watched programmes off the BBC iplayer! I miss English TV so much.

I managed to come down with tonsilitis during the long weekend, I still have a sore throat today and a swollen gland but I made it into work like a trooper and sat there quietly all day. Since the clocks have gone back an hour here it makes getting up in the morning a lot easier because of the daylight, the downside is having to walk home in the dark! The streets are really dark in Sydney, I don't think they like to use many street lights...maybe I should carry a torch, least it makes me walk faster!
I'm currently working on a creative project for a new coffee shop opening up in England. I've been dreaming up food, drinks and decor moodboards and worked on logo ideas. It's a really fun commission, hopefully I can show you some ideas soon!


Dawn Tan said...

Get well soon! : ) And those pomspoms look so pretty!

Louise said...

are you really not allowed iplayer in Australia? I spose it makes sense what with TV licences and such. Hope your tonsils are feeling better soon!

Margaret said...

your illustrations are so cute!!
and get better soon :(
great blog all the same :D
loving your posts
stop by some time! xx

Cecilie said...

Cute drawings!!
I like your header:)