Sunday, March 21, 2010

Qbism iPhone App - Out Now

I'm a little sleepy for a Sunday afternoon....maybe it's because I've eaten so much :-) and spent all morning helping Darren with his essay writing :-( I'm just listening to Hot Chip which I am rather enjoying.

Anyways some interesting iPhone technological news for you all....check out this Qbism game. It is created by Kylie's (who I work with) sister and her sister's husband. It's a really simple concept with fantastic graphics. The aim is to fill the empty frame with cubes all in a 3D rotating platform. Qbism launched yesterday and is available for download in the iTunes store for $1.99US. Bargain price to keep you entertained for a good few hours. How amazingly talented they are.

*Update* Thoroughly enjoying Qbism on my iphone to the point of blurry eyes...loving the 3Dness of it


Sarah said...

aww that illustration is so cute!

Madelynn Holmes said...

oh how sweet :)

♥ deciphertheday said...

Thanks Sarah & Maddy :-)