Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Win My Print With Bespoke Press's Hugemongous Give Away!

You might remember a few posts back that I had collaborated with Bespoke Press, Brisbane and came up with the above illustration. It is called Geraldine & Walter in Love, you can buy it in their shop. It is a limited run of 150 and all signed by the artist (me) and Bespoke - because letterpressing is an amazingly beautiful art in itself.

Bespoke are currently running a competition where you can win my print along with the 9 other amazing illustrators who took part in the collaboration. So that is a heart pumping $650 worth of limited edition hand treddled gorgeous prints. All you have to do is leave a comment on Bespoke's blog as to which is your favourite print -hopefully you beautiful people will say it is mine, haha but I won't be sad if you don't because there are some damn great illustrations in the series!

And before you faint....Bespoke are offering a fantastic introductory offer: Between now and the 16th of October, enter the code SALE in their online store and you will receive 10% off our entire range of letterpress goodies.


In other news I adore Coin Laundry by Lisa Mitchell, I can't stop bloody listening to this cute song. My boyfriend hates it with a passion haha.


Miss Franzy said...

hehehe, it's a cute song indeed. Listened to it thrice XD

art4friends said...

oh!! thank you for the support and encouragement on my blog!!

and yes, get the iphone happening. it is super!!

OH CONGRATS at this, and for your blanket collab. LOOK AT YOU!! you are becoming a superstar fast. Lucky we got you in for our little project ;)

Renee xx