Friday, June 14, 2013

INKED: Emma Do | Editor of Pocketto Magazine

Meet Emma Do, editor & one half of the super cool independent magazine Pocketto. Pocketto started out as an online magazine in 2008, dreamed up by a 15 year old Emma during her media class. Back then she was a dedicated fashion blogger obsessed with Style Bubble, with the help of the friends she made within the online blogging community they created original content based around fashion, art & photography. During this time she met Aimee Han who became the other half of Pocketto. They've been a superhero duo ever since, a bit like Batman & Robin, but probably two Batmans in my eyes.

The best thing about illustrating for Pocketto is the creative freedom I've been given. The first set of illustrations I completed for Pocketto were these series of shoes:

Recent illustrations:
2011 saw the launch of their first print edition. It's a really beautiful timeless book that you will keep forever. 
‘Original in content, Pocketto is a mixture of clever and amusing observations, an array of beautifully photographed fashion editorials and interviews with artists about their craft… Encased in a cloth bound cover with gold imprint, Pocketto magazine is one to cherish and keep, display, flick through and pick up again and again.’ – Broadsheet Melbourne
Emma is finishing her journalism degree in Melbourne and will be jetting off to England soon. Issue 2 will be coming out soon so watch this space. Special thanks to Emma for being part of my INKED series. You are one talented lady! x
photo courtesy of Profile Pub


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