Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aussie Adventure - Ammo Magazine

Hello! How are we all? Welcome to Issue 6 of Ammo Magazine in which my Aussie Adventure illustration is featured. It's an amazing illustration magazine jam packed with awesome artists from around the world. You can check out the full artist rosta here including pug-loving Gemma Correll.
You can have a sneak peek of Issue 6 on Ammo's Flickr and most importantly you can score a copy for just 4 Bristish Pounds - offer ends 2nd May, after that it will cost you 5 GBP, which I still think is still a blummin' good bargain for a collection of beautiful artwork.

So what are you waiting for get to it and grab yourself a copy of Issue 6 Ammo Magazine!

All photographs courtesy of Ammo Magazine.

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Wrinkle In Time Vintage said...

This is stunning! I wish I could draw like this.