Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lost In the Forest

Hello! How are you all? I'm hoping you all enjoyed the Easter holidays and ate lots of chocolate. I was so excited by the number of days off that I woke up at 6am on Friday morning! Darren and I had an enjoyable few days away up on the central coast at our spacious holiday home aka the in-laws house :-) They're currently away travelling in their equally spacious caravan, so we had the honours of their lovely home.

So what did I do? I set up my sketchbook and pens on their dining table and gazed out of the window at the trees, flowers, leaves, herbs, fruits and grass that adorn their garden. It's a fantastic inspiring view for someone visual like me. It gave me a few ideas for the commission above I was working on.

We also visited the beach, I had breakfast & a good old natter with Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage, went to the Anzac Day March at the Entrance in the pouring rain and read two books in 1.5 days...not bad for a few days off. I highly recommend reading The White Masai and it's sequel which documents the real life adventure of a Swiss lady who falls in love with a Masai Warrior. It's a fascinating little read, I don't think I could live without my creature comforts!

I'm also loving the BBC series - Human Planet. The trailer is below (if you're reading from Facebook you won't see it). It's a magnificent documentary on various tribes/races across the world and how they survive around nature. I especially liked the episode where they fly over the Brazilian rainforest and filmed tribes that have never been documented by cameras before. The reason for documenting their existence is to prove that tribes exist in the rainforest which makes it harder for loggers and multinational companies to come and bulldoze their habitat. If they were never documented they would simply vanish with no proof that they existed. It's epic!


misstie said...

Beautiful work as always!!!

I love to read your blog and check what you have been up to lately, its cool to see that you spend some time on the central coast, I'm from around there!!

Keep up the good work :D

Compass-Collective said...

Wonderful illustration, love looking at all the details.

Thanks for sharing Human Planet, I'm rather curious now. Love documentaries like that.


Chrissy Lau - Decipher the day said...

Hey Andrea - you'll love Human Planet - it's an amazing & inspiring documentary. Let me know what you think :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog x

Shayla said...

I was a bit freaked out for a second when your banner winked at me. HAHA. Your artwork is so amazing AND inspiring.

Chrissy Lau - Decipher the day said...

@Shayla - my header winking?!....yes you're right :-) I changed it a few weeks ago - I'm glad you noticed it. Thank you for your lovely words x