Monday, February 7, 2011

All you need is love


Hello! Wow it's been a hot week in Sydney reaching 40 degrees celcius in our house and only fans that swirl the hot air around, but finally today the temperatures dropped down to a cool 25. I had to put ice packs in my bed to stay cool!

Above is one of a series of posters I have been working on for a coffee shop in England. I've really enjoyed this commission as I don't often work with text & I've been working on pattern-making most recently. I think it makes a cute little poster, what do you think?

On Friday I went to see a band called The Beards - check out their video below, it's so funny they sing about beards. Darren's band played a gig along side them last year. It's not often I see a band that I don't know but instantly like. They have great voices and harmonies and they make you laugh...

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