Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ms Bunny & Ms Moustache - Signed Limited Originals

Hello - hope you are having a great weekend. I started the day bright and early today with a breakfast in Newtown with some South Sydney Eggs - fried eggs atop toasted turkish bread drizzled with a delicious pesto dressing with a side of grilled roma tomatoes. All this was washed down with a large glass of chilled strawberry smoothie whilst basking in the morning sunshine.

I was full as a tick afterwards, but what a great start to my day. Darren and I had a little wander around and we stocked up on gold-fish equipment. We went to the Newtown aquarium and there were some amazing brightly coloured fighting fish in there and beautiful corals.

I've decided it was time to stock my shop up again after receiving emails about wanting to purchase my art. I have focused a lot of my time working on commissions but I think it really is time to open up the shop again. So here you have it, the above two spray paints are available as signed limited originals, they cost $100 AU (approx. 50GBP/95USD) and it is free postage worldwide. They are all individually spray painted on some lovely thick 220gsm Arches artist paper. They look really beautiful in a brightly coloured frame.

Well fingers crossed they go to loving homes :-)


Antonia Glavic said...

Wonderful. They are very striking with the bright frames. The texture is great, too- are these prints of stencils you have created?


♥ deciphertheday said...

Hi Antonia

Oh thank you. Yes they are all original spray paints from a cut out stencils I have made :-)

Really fun to make!