Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heart Shaped Heads

Above is a sultry bird lady - she is A3 in size and she was drawn especially for a bar in England. She now sits above a piano on a red wall greeting customers. She is part of a series of ladies that adorn the walls - you can see her sister pouring mint tea in the previous post.
Above is a little girl who I started drawing a few years ago - she was half finished and left in my bedroom whilst I went on a 5 month holiday to Australia. The five months turned into 3 years before I returned and found her still waiting to be finished. Luckily I took her away and finished the patterning around her - she is now waiting to be framed and hanged in a new coffee shop in England.
These are some of the plates I illustrated on for the new coffee shop - I like the contrast of the vintage gold patterning and the stark black lines. It's a refreshing change drawing on plates and cups instead of paper all the time.
I went to Bondi last week and I saw some very nice murals along the beach, I would love to paint something as big as that. Whilst I was in London I came across some Banksy graffiti (photo below) - I think it is time to work on some street pieces....if I ever go to Melbourne again I would love to stick something up in that famous lane way.

One last funny photo below: Whilst I was in England I visited my little cousins (who are so cute!) - it was Poppy's sports day at school so we toddled along and joined in. So here is me and Poppy having a game of tennis haha. She's so clever for a 4.5 year old....she called me on Skype the other day all by herself - genius.


herman and ivy said...

The plates are great! What did you use to draw on them with?

♥ deciphertheday said...

Hey Sara

They are drawn with permanent black pen but you can also buy pens that are designed for porcelain - you leave it to dry for 24 hours then fire them in the oven for 30minutes - they're available from any craft store.

Just looked on your blog and your local cafe looks bloody amazing! Love the decor !

Nedda Ebo said...

I love the plates. You did an awesome job!

Mustart x

Tamia said...

You and Poppy playing tennis are too cute!