Monday, July 26, 2010

100th Post - Mint Tea

Welcome to my 100th post, I have been blogging for a while now, maybe two years and it has really helped with my creativity and regularity of drawing. If I don't draw every day it will be every other day. This first photo is of the summer in England, in the park making daisy chains with my little cute cousins- it was so lovely and warm with very long days - the sun rose at just after 3am and it didn't get dark until gone 10pm. My days were filled with laughing with family and drawing.

Above are a few antique cups that I illustrated on - they are part of a larger set of saucers and plates that will be exhibited in a newly opened cafe in England. Below is a lady pouring mint tea - she is inspired by my backpacking holiday to Morocco in my first year of uni. Ms Mint Tea is quite large in real life (A3), she adorns a cafe/bar in England - she is part of a series of Moroccan inspired ladies- I will be posting the rest of her friends in the near future.


Nicole said...

the tea cups looks amazing chrissy! i would drink my tea so quickly to make sure i could look at the cute illustration waiting for me at the bottom of the cup :)


Emm said...

I love those amazing tea cup! They are blowing my mind!
I have been collecting tea cups and tea pots and they have to be one of my favourite things to put everywhere!
yours are amazing! i love that the design is inside too =)


♥ deciphertheday said...

Thanks Nicole & Emm! :-) It was so much fun drawing on vintage tea cups and saucers...I'll show some more pictures soon. There were soooo many vintage clothes and tea cups in England, you would have both loved it so much! x

Mystery Bruises said...

woahh i love those teacups you did! they are amazing, its totally something i would buy! you should sell some!
you have a very unique drawing technique, and i really like that!... you also have very nice shoes :)

keep up the good stuff

♥ deciphertheday said...

Hey Mystery Bruises

Ooh yes I love my new shoes- I bought them from my beloved England :-) where there are many pretty things.

I can do you a special one off teacup if you are ever interested...just email me if you are :-)

I'm always posting new drawings and have plenty yet to post - I was drawing quite a lot during my holiday in England do drop by again!

Vanilla said...

You have a really beautiful drawing style, I just love the amount of detail in your drawings and the way you draw faces!

Ben Zen said...

Hey Chrissy :) Thanks for dropping by the other day! Loving all these new drawings, and sounds like you had a good time in the UK. Loving the teacups too, sounds like you've been up to some exciting things.