Friday, May 7, 2010

Wolf In Girl's Clothing - featured on The Loop

This is my second illustration for Wolf Bar, Darling Harbour, Sydney. I think they might be running in BRAG but I'm not sure yet. It's also featured on The Loop so a BIG thank you to Pip for featuring my portfolio for the second time, much appreciated.
My full time job has been super busy but I have still been drawing as much as possible. There are still a few more projects I have to feature on here but I'm just waiting to finalise them, so keep checking back and they'll be something exciting to see.

Hello to some new followers to my blog :-)

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Vanessa said...

Hi Chrissy :) I am so glad I have found your blog! I've never seen such beautifully detailed illustrations. I love your pictures for Gary Pepper Vintage (and all the others too! especially you 'haricut')

xx Vanessa