Tuesday, February 2, 2010

♥ Decipher the Day has an agent!

If I had a list of things to do before I die/hit 30 one would be to find an illustration agent to represent my work. It has been an on-off ambition of mine for years to find an agent.

Yesterday I signed up with Illustration Room and will now be exclusively represented by them in Australia and non-exclusively worldwide. I'm really excited about this and it is a big achievement for me because drawing has been a life-long passion and I am completely self taught. As a kid I used to watch Rolf Harris and Tony Hart draw a lot.

This coming year I hope to illustrate for more editorials and see my work pop up in every day surroundings such as newspapers, websites, magazines and fabrics. The above portrait is part of an on going illustration collaboration with Gary Pepper Vintage.


Victoria Stitch said...

wow thats so exciting! well done!

♥ deciphertheday said...

Thanks Victoria, I am super excited about it, fingers crossed for commissions :-)

Madelynn Holmes said...

Hello lovely Chrissy! It's been so long since we've talked! thankyou for your lovely comment! how exciting a new job and agent, it's all happening it seems. and i'll be glad to see the results of this cramming, i'm liking your new illustrations very much!

as for me, i am pretty good, year 12 this year and i already have heaps of work! but my art assignment this semester is fantastic, the human condition! i am so excited.

oh, maybe we can try to set up back and forth a bit more? i'll email some artists to see if they are interested asap if you want :)

much love, maddy

art4friends said...

umm Chrissy!! that is a little bit AWESOME!!

well done, so proud of you lovely xxx