Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Big Team Scribble by The Scribble Project - Hop Aboard!

This is my decorated train carriage for The Scribble Project.

Oppy who is the talented creator of The Scribble Project said this is HOW TO PARTICIPATE:

1. CLICK HERE to print the scribble train template (then right click, save as)

2. DECORATE and fill your train carriage however you like! remember this will be a colouring zine, so only use black and white please!

3. EMAIL your submission to in TIFF format at 300 dpi resolution! let me know your name/alias and website link for the zine credits!


Your carriages will then be made into a super long scribble train, to be printed as a fun colouring zine! The zine will be available for purchase from our website at the start of march! Every scribbler featured in the print zine will be posted a free copy! AND... all profits from zine sales will be donated to UNICEF!

If the zine gets too big and Oppy can only fit in a selection of carriages... an online scribble train will be made too!

An old fave classic by Architecture in Helsinki!


le pearl said...

very cute illustration + love Architecture in Helsinki <3

Ben Zen said...

Love the train carriage Chrissy! I hope to do one too if i can find the time. Good luck with the exhibition opening on Friday night, I really wish i could make it along, I'd love to see everyone from Once Upon again. Next time, hey :)

Debora said...

great carriage
I love it