Friday, December 4, 2009

Backkkkk from outer space

Hello blog world, I am back after a very intense week of writing essay style answers for job applications! Bloody govt jobs. So here is some stuff that's been going on ...The first picture is some body studies I drew tonight...sweet ladies with their bodies on show...I'll upload a better scan later. Below are some drawings - the cat one is for Maddy and the boat one is for Ben Zen! That empty office you see there was where I worked until they moved everything out including me on Friday! I bought my very first suit last week. A power suit...maybe I will stuff the shoulders so I look like an American footy player. The bigger the shoulders the better chance of securing a govt job right?? Anyways I am glad this week is's pretty tough filling job applications in. I swear I've never worked so hard in my life. Oh look out for the Forth Thread zine created by Tabitha Emma. I have a little drawing in it!

A snow storm with water colours and glitter...what dreams are made of.

All you need is love...a bit of watercolour and glitter...I painted this a few weekends ago. It's in a really small frame about the size of my palm. It looks really cute hanging on my wall.

Ex-office of emptyness.


Ben Zen said...

Nice one Chrissy! Good luck with the job hunting.

I looove my drawing, thanks so much! I am working on yours this weekend :)

camille said...

I adore the snow globe and the use of all this wonderful glitter. Oh yes, get shoulder pads of the pointy variety- that ought to impress them!