Friday, November 20, 2009

Frog Prince Revealed & FOR SALE! ONE-OFF ORIGINALS

The Frog Prince Fairytale Unveiled

Hello! It was an awesome grand opening of Once Upon last night- I met my fellow blogger artists Ben Zen & Maddy! That was great- they're both MUCH taller than I am (I'm such a shorty) :-) but even more lovely in real life. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of an artist friendship with them....

So the drawing above is called PRINCESS ASLEEP- she's hugging her frog prince to sleep - thought I would chuck in a pocket watch as they are beautiful pieces. Below is another piece is called OUR FUTURE- drawn in pen and graphite with lines and patterns.
I am going back on Sunday for a revisit and to take some photos! Oh I also met the lovely Dawn Tan and see her cute drawings- I had a little giggle with her because we both have boyfriends called Darren. It - was lovely to chat to Sara McNeil having admired her beautifully soft line ilustrations from (online) afar. Also great to meet Tabitha Emma who designed the Once Upon flyer - beautiful work.

Above is the Frog Prince himself in graphite and pen with some collage work- this one is called STORY TIME.

I also met the lovely Renee Anne (and saw her cute little mermaid collage/illustrations) who along with Angela from Leeloo organised the whole exhibition! It was a grand night- but the fun has only just begun, over the weekend there will be a Leeloo pop up store during the exhibition where you can buy lovely crafty/arty things - get your christmas shopping done!

Above is TEA FOR TWO- graphite, pen and collage. This is full of colour and some gold pen to make it exquisitely rich!

Oh one more thing- If you would like to buy any of these pieces please contact with your name and mobile number so that she can process the transaction for you. All the pieces are original, signed, one-off pieces- so you'll be safe in the knowledge that you or whoever gets it as a super xmas pressie will have the one and only one in the world :-) as I won't be selling any prints of these!

They are all framed in beautiful white baroque style frames and will cost a mere $250 Aussie Dollars.

Have a super duper weekend everyone- it's SO hot in Sydney!!


camille said...

HOWDY! It looks super awesome. I love the frog prince.

tabitha said...

it was lovely to meet you :) and see your gorgeous work.

Poppy said...

What fantastic pictures, I love the frog prince.