Sunday, September 20, 2009

M e n a t W o r k

Well the weekend is nearly over and I completed this drawing yesterday - it's some little borrowers chopping a man's beard, he doesn't seem too pleased about it though. So the weekend was busy - it was spent up the coast where it was very sunny and hot, where we helped move some belongings from one house to another for Darren's grandparents. Amongst things we scored a lovely wooden barometer :-) it's something I have always wanted to own.

I also updated my website- I think it runs too slow for my liking, but I have tweeked it slightly - please let me know what you think or if you know of any good ways to build and host a simple website, I know it needs much more improvement!

Oh and within an hour of returning to Sydney it has rained! Such is life and least it will water the herbs in the garden.

One more thing before I go - check out the new spangly issue of Good to Know Zine by Pikaland - it is stuffed with 68 pages of good to know views from 50 artists (including myself) discussing whether or not an art education is important. It is an insightful and interesting read with some nice illustrations aswell.


art4friends said...

thank you for the lovely comment. by friend will be very pleased! x

Aima Kessy said...

Amazing line control! :)) Your artworks are gorgeously super ;))

Madelynn Holmes said...

this is really cool!