Thursday, October 1, 2009

Interview with BBC//Once Upon Exhibition with BenZen

I have been super busy this week designing flyers/loyalty cards/menus for KOO bar. They liked the exhibition so much and got some positive feedback that they decided to incorporate my designs throughout. It's been a life time since I sent anything to the printers - my god I think I might have to rethink making graphic design into a career- I'm not so good at setting up bleeds!

However, a much more seasoned graphic designer is Ben Zen - he is graphic designer by day in Melbourne and by night he is an artist extroadinaire. I have pretty much followed his illustrations since the day he started blogging- they are always so magical and whimsical. I can definitely see him illustrating books in the near future. Below is one of my favourite drawings by him, I think it tells a good story and the eyes of the owl just seem so wise.

I'm also proud to announce that Ben Zen and I will be exhibiting our lovely works in the Once Upon Exhibition, aMBUSH Gallery, Sydney in November 09. Oh and if you are wondering what the first screenshot above is - it is an interview with me by the BBC. You can read it here. If anything it's worth a look because there's a photograph of me with a koala.

I have started a few drawings this week but they are all half finished so not worth posting up just yet....hopefully I can finish them soon. This weekend I'll be off to Canberra for a brief holiday - I intend to see Parliament House, The Mint, the War Memorial, and see some galleries.


camille said...

Sydney? ZOMG, could possibly be going there soooonnn!!!- haha:)Good to hear about the KOO bar. Thanks also for sharing Ben Zen. Post your pictures soon (no pressure though) I always enjoy them.

Ben Zen said...

Heya Chrissy, aww, thanks for the mention! Great work with the exhibition and congrats on the interview also. Hope your drawings for 'once upon' are coming along :)