Friday, September 11, 2009

H e a d a c h e

This is aptly named a headache because it looks like how it feels when I have one. What do you think? It's drawn with just a normal fine black biro. It has yet to be finished- I will probably add some colour to it - I just need to figure out some sort of body to add to her or maybe something surreal. I have a few projects up my sleeves at the moment - just finishing up some prints for a permanent exhibition at a bar called Koo in my home city in England. This is going to be fantastiche - more details to follow.

In other news: Big thanks to my fellow blogger Maddy for kindly featuring and appreciating my work on her blog. If you can't remember what it's like to be 15 you should check her out- because she's 15 & extremely talented in drawing angsty young ladies. She is one to watch!

Lastly - it's Friday today HURRAY! Have a super weekend y'all x


tortagialla said...

Whoa, definitely looks like a headache...beautiful drawing anyway. TGIF!

Ben Zen said...

This looks great Chrissy. Love the hair, and am I seeing a bit of development in your style?? I like! Thanks for your nice comment yesterday. You should send some of your stuff to Frankie too! Ben

Aimz said...

Oooh, feels just like a headache..!
Nice one :D have a great weekend Chrissy :)) and thanks for stopping by my blog :D

deciphertheday said...

Oh yep I bought some new pens the other day so I am definitely giving them a test run and I'm quite enjoying how easy they are to use & the textures they make too...

...I'm glad to share my headache with you all- I guess the previous post was vomit inducing :-)

Have a super weekend everyone, it's quite hot & sunny in Sydney! But I am back indoors making some prints.