Tuesday, September 1, 2009

G i r l F a c e s

I bought some new graphite pencils last week and the lady on the left is a result of that. I'm often a bit too lazy to use colour but thought I would give it a go and get used to it since a lot of commissions do call for colour. She pretty much looks like how I felt last week ( a bit under the weather). The lady on the right is drawn with a black biro in my usual style.

This week I will be working on an exhibition that will be opening around November time - involving some pigs! I will also be waiting to hear back from some other commissions. Guitar playing is still going well and my fingers are getting more numb from strumming.


Aimz said...

Lovely details :) All the best!

Ben Zen said...

Hi Chrissy, thanks for your comment :) Why yes, it is wine that you could spy hehe, not quite as wild as absinthe though! I always love to see pics of other creative's work spaces too. Always a pleasure to drop by your blog also and see what you've been up to. If you ever make it down to Melbourne you'll have to come say hi! Cheers, Ben.

art4friends said...

thank you for the lovely comments on my blog!!

Yay for the show being a turning point!! hehe.

Any yes, tricky one about the feelings thing isn't it. hmmm.

Thanks for your thoughts!!

LOVE this drawing. LOVE IT.
You are fantastic.