Friday, September 18, 2009

E a r l y B i r d G e t s T h e W o r m

A little birdy illustration I began in my sketch book - I have coloured it in slightly in photoshop, again another work in progress, I get bored of filling in the colours - I think I need one of those Wacom tablets. I will eventually come back to this and fill the colours in properly - it's posted here so I don't forget.

Ok best go I've had this hair dye on my head for nearly 50 minutes....hopefully my hair won't slide off my head when I go to rinse it. ha.

Happy start to the weekend everyone!

1 comment:

camille said...

That's cute. I think birds have a great aesthetic about them and as long as they remain on paper I couldn't be happier;)

...found your picture really long ago, when I typed "Frankie" into google images.