Monday, August 17, 2009

T h e B u t t e r f l y J a r

Hello, it's been a good few days since I last posted. It's not that I'm not drawing, it's the scanning in which I don't enjoy. The drawing above is a submission for a project called Follow the Leader by Sub-Studio Design. If you like it please stop by to rate it. Basically they give you a 'seed' to start from , in this instance it is the jar that they have drawn, and from there you 'grow' the seed into a fully fledged drawing! Butterfly Jar is my interpretation of what I imagined when my eyes cast themselves upon the jar. It's quite a complete drawing for me, I don't tend to draw a full scene.

In another news: I am now a proud owner of a small bodied and small fret Fender's quite a sight. I also bought a big punch bag and some boxing gloves to box the hell out of it :-D


Ben Zen said...

ooh I really like this. I tend to not draw full scenes either, and it's something I want to practice, but you've done it really well. Love your work, and have fun with your guitar, I've always wanted to learn too :)

Aimz said...

Wonderful piece :D Congrats on your Fender! Have a lovely week~~ Cheers :)

Victoria Stitch said...

this is beautiful! I love your line work!