Sunday, September 28, 2008

Orange Mobile Illustrations

The following illustrations were commissioned by Orange Mobile, UK. They gave me themes to follow and it was up to me how I interpreted them. They were chosen to be used in all sorts of media communication, ranging from magazines, in-store decor to television commercials. This is one of the best commissions I have ever done, to be paid well and draw for a living, what more could I ask for!Smiler (above) - I am trying to remember the theme for her- I think it might have been communication. I drew this on the train to London.

Birdies (above) - 2 little birdies chirping away...

Al Tennis (above) - I remember the theme for this one was SPORT. So I decided to draw a Rab C Nesbitt style guy playing tennis. He's pretty ugly isn't he? A nice string vest though.

Make a Splash (above) - this is inspired by David Hockney's Splash. The splashes are dashes of orange pencil crayon. The juxtaposition of the image and angle make this one interesting.

Skipper (above) - she was also drawn for the theme Sport.

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macus romero said...

I´ve foung you through etsy!! cool style! i really like your art! :)